Discreet Indeed with @Always #PGMom

It’s not a surprise that I already use Always.  Truth be told, I’ve been a loyal Always brand user for as long as I can remember!

Did you read my last post?  “Have You Tried Discreet?

Always incontinence underwear provides their most absorbent bladder protection so that you can be confident. Because you shouldn’t constantly worry about your sensitive bladder.


  • Soft Dual LeakGuards™ help contain bladder leaks
  • Advanced Triple Layer Core helps pull, trap, and lock away bladder leaks
  • Exclusive OdorLock™ technology neutralizes urine odors
  • Soft cotton-like waistband for incredible wearing comfort
  • Feminine design with purple waistband indicating back


Now, since my mom was placed into a long-term care facility, I’ve been a little pre-occupied with my mom’s care.  Her Alzheimer’s has been rapidly progressing.  One of things that has happended is her incontinence … that means she has to wear diapers.  My mom’s weight has also been an issue; she’s lost alot of weight so nothing really fits properly.  When I received a package of Always Discreet Bladder Protection Underwear (size S/M) to try, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me BUT it would be the perfect fit for my mom!  The only concern I had was if Always Discreet would have enough protection.  In other words, would it absorb leaks and odours?  And would they fit?  Look how they stretch!  I don’t think fit will be an issue.


The test would be easy enough:  take the package to my mom, and remind the nurses to use them on my mom, and then report back.

When I took the package to my mom, and stayed for a visit I noticed that she had an “accident”.  Her skirt had a huge wet spot so I called the nurse in to help.  It was the perfect moment to pull out an Always Discreet Underwear.  My mom has been struggling with the whole diaper-thing.  She insists on wearing underwear but she needs diapers.  When my mom came out of the washroom with the nurse, both had a smile on their face!  My mom was so happy that her ‘underwear’ was on!  It was an adorable moment; my mom even showed off her figure.


Actually, I couldn’t even tell that she had them on.  Her underwear area didn’t look bulky at all.  Best of all, my mom had a smile ear to ear!

I followed up … the nurses have confirmed that Always Discreet is a HUGE success.  My mom has been happier, and so am I.  An enormous thank you goes out to Always and to P&G.

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28 thoughts on “Discreet Indeed with @Always #PGMom

  1. I know a few woman that have tried them and they said that they loved them They tried them first to see how they would work for their loved one

  2. It’s so nice to have these awesome products available for people who need them or people with bladder problems.I am glad to see how well they work and am very happy for your mom too.

  3. I love the picture of your mum…she’s so happy. It’s great that they are more like “real” underwear so the person wearing them feels more confident. Thanks for the great post. I actually received a sample as well and now I know who to give them to…my mum has little accidents and wouldn’t it be great for her to have confidence that no one will know that she’s not wearing “real” panties.

  4. I was wondering how well these work compared to Depends and Poise….now I know. I don’t need them but my aunt was looking at these the other day…I may just get a pack for her to try out.

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