Challenge: Decluttering #40bags40days Not As Easy As First Thought

It might be because our household donates on a regular basis.  In fact, we have a bin that we habitually throw in items that no longer suit our needs but may be wonderful for someone else to use.  Once our bin is full, we just pull out the bag and set up the bin to receive more items.

We also get frequent (monthly) calls from various ‘donation’ companies:  Children’s Wish Foundation, Diabetes Clothesline, Cerebral Pulsy … just to name a few.  These companies call to schedule pick up dates.  We are; therefore, constantly donating.

This past week, I’ve only collected one bag for donation.  Sad?  Pathetic?  It is what it is.

Some may look at the 40 bags in 40 days as bags for donation.  Others may think it’s bags for garbage.  Or perhaps even both!

How have you done so far?


3 thoughts on “Challenge: Decluttering #40bags40days Not As Easy As First Thought

  1. I am doing well so far – I am counting bags of garbage, recycle and donations/selling (as long as it is coming from decluttering, and not from the under the sink/bathroom garbages!)

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