Luckily @Tide Pods Were Right There! #PGMom

So just this past weekend I stayed in bed. Sounds pretty laid back and amazing, doesn’t it? Well, don’t start getting all jealous on me! I was actually very sick and couldn’t even get up.

I asked my partner to “step up to the plate” and fill in as ‘mom’ … surprisingly, that’s exactly what I got!

To make things even more amazing, my daughter decided to wash her bed sheets. She ACTUALLY WANTED to do a load of laundry! ( and I didn’t even get to see it!). Mark you calendar people: Sunday was when my daughter did her very first load … AND by herself too! I’m so relieved that Tide was her first experience.

I leave my Tide Pods on my washer – easy access and all. My daughter has watched me do laundry plenty of times but has never wanted to learn how to do it for herself. My brave girl took a pod, threw it in the washer, added her bed linen, and turned on the machine! How easy was that?! Oh my goodness, I have to get sick more often!  You can’t beat the ease and convenience of a Tide Pod.  That’s because the Tide Pod is in a convenient pre-measured, single-use pac … it’s designed for any type washing machine; as well as, all loads sizes and temperatures.  Of course, I’m not discussing Tide’s efficacy … we already know how amazing Tide is, has been, and will always be!

Now, there’s a whole hell-a-ballo across social media about how Tide pods are unsafe. Really? Ok, people it’s really simple:

1) store your laundry products in a safe place
2) actually watch your young kids!

You can read more about the safety issue here:

Whichever you choose, you’ll experience a win:

Tide Pods Free & gentle (2)  IMG_20140421_123837

What I want to know is will my daughter do laundry again?

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