Why A Hard Drive Disk HDD External Enclosure/ Case from @Inateckofficial

It’s a whole different world at Inateck; I think you should discover it.  Recently, I received an [USB 3.0 & Support UASP] Inateck 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk HDD External Enclosure/ Case With USB 3.0 Cable for 9.5mm 7mm 2.5-Inch SATA-I, SATA-II, SATA-III, SATA HDD and SSD, Optimized For SSD, Tool-Free … I know that’s a mouthful!  Let me show you what it is:

HD enclosure

  • Standard USB 3.0 A Male interfaces on both ends of the cable, easy and fast data access and transfer; Equipped with USB3.0 super speed up to 5Gbps, Ten times of USB2.0 – The actual transmission speed is limited by the setting of the device connecte
  • Compatible operating systems with Windows 2000/Windows Me/Windows 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS 9.1/10.8.4 above; Backward compatible with USB 2.0 /1.1 connections
  • Suitable for 9.5mm and below thickness 2.5 inch SATA HDD; Converts any 9.5mm & 7mm 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD into an external hard drive for ultimate mobility and convenience; Built-in foam pad, protect hard disk effectively
  • High-quality standard USB 3.0 interface; Easy to use power switch offers protection to hard drives; LED activity indicator; Supports Plug & Play, Tool free, No Reboot and Additional Driver is needed
  • Package Content: 1x Inateck USB 3.0 HDD Case; 1x USB3.0 Cable; 1x User Manual
  • shipping weight 136 g
Attention: Package contains an extra foam sticker for 7 mm thickness hard drives, You should attach the sticker to the original one inside the lid before you insert the hard drive; 12.5 mm hard drives might be incompatible with this product.

70% Faster than traditional USB 3.0, with UASP Transfer Protocol; The UASP Transfer Protocol only can accelerate read and write speed of SSD hard disk.

Speed Test for Samsung 840 Series Pro 128GB

==== Mac OS X 10.8.4 ======
Read: 413.9 Mb/s
Write: 433.4Mb/s

===== Win8 64bit======
Read: 436.2 Mb/s
Write: 424.3 Mb/s

===== Win7 64bit======
Read: 315.3 Mb/s
Write: 318.8 Mb/s

Please Note
a. If your SSD doesn’t reach the desired speed, it is advised to reformat the SSD using the GPT advanced format, ensuring a basic sector size of 4 KB. If this solution does not help arbitrate the issue, it is further recommended to use the “all zero fill” option to wipe data residues on alleged “empty” sectors.
b. Our HDD/SSD Enclosures are designed as USB 3.0 A Male interfaces on both ends of the usb cable, which are renown for their improved durability and stability. As the contained cable is for the enclosure, it is advised do not use it for other devices.

Supports all standard 2.5” SATA HDD SSD hard drives with a height of up to 9.5 mm;  LED activity indicator
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ Me/ 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8, Mac OS 9.1/10.8.4 above

Application: Suitable for memory expansion with laptop PC; film, image and media processing, data exchange between computers in business, education, and household; quick and easy data backup.

Package Content: 1x Inateck USB 3.0 HDD Case; 1x USB3.0 Cable; 1x User Manual

Link:  http://www.inateck.com/inateck-automatic-usb-3-0-enclosure-sata-ssd-fe2006/


As far as installation – enclosure fit and finish … it is simple to insert the drive. The enclosure is made well.

As far as the look – everything lines up, the USB connection is good, and the “fit and finish” of the case is also good.  The case is lightweight; however, sturdy enough.

Why would one want to purchase an enclosure (to build your own hard drive), as opposed to purchasing a finished one?

Generally speaking, manufacturers overcharge for drives.  The price to capability ratio is low.  There are not alot of choices to optimize what you want.  The case manufacturers buy in bulk … not getting price competitiveness … to make profit they add price to the finished drive.

If you buy the drive and case seperately, it is cheaper and you can customize it.

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You can purchase it at Amazon.ca

Disclaimer:  Inateck has provided me with the promotional item for review; I have not been paid for this post.  All opinions expressed (if any) are mine alone; positive comments or review is not required.  Any information acquired from Inateck‘s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review. 
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