Monday Mumblings – January 5, 2015

Kids are back at school today; I’m not sure how much of a “break” it has been! These past couple of weeks have been busy, tiring, and now a total blur. My mom has had several outbreaks at the LTC (long term care) facility. It’s the Alzheimer’s. She’s had crying episodes, hallucinations, is paranoid, and has even thrown a tray of food! This is only the beginning of the Alzheimer’s journey.

In reality, other stuff does happen in my life. It just seems to be only about my mom … you see, whatever happens with my mom, I get called first (I have Power of Attorney), so it can get tiring. Here’s an example, just yesterday I was in a deep sleep and the phone rings. I have been sick for the past few days so I’ve been feeling weak. I manage to answer the phone, only to get an earful of screams! Apparently, my mom was in hysterics, crying, and not making any sense. Well, good morning then. I wasn’t even coherent yet!

When situations occur, I have to somehow calm my mom down. Not always an easy task. I’m worried about what is to come.

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