Tuesday Talk – December 30, 2014

How many people do you think are excited to see the year come to an end?  Everyone?  No one?  Some?  How about you; are you excited?  I’m not so sure if I’m as excited as all of those lovely people.

While; it’s true, I’m fine with time progressing … I don’t have a say in it any way!  I’ve been (as you already know) pulled in every direction emotionally.  Time lapsed so quickly, half of that time I didn’t even know what was happening.  Do I actually want time to go by?  Perhaps but just not quickly.  I don’t want my mom’s illness to progress, and I certainly don’t want the inevitable to happen!  If I could do anything to put off this inevitability, I most certainly would.

While I prepare to ‘let go’ of 2014, I am reluctant to ’embrace’ the New Year.  Forgive me.  I won’t be celebrating by ringing in the New Year, or partying in style.  No.  I’ll be quiet, at home, worrying about what is yet to come.

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