Sensitive Teeth? @Crest Has the Solution #PGMom

Over time; as you get older, you start to lose the enamel on your teeth and you do get more sensitive to several things. Cold things, hot things, and even acidic things. I have tried various brands of toothpastes, for sensitive teeth, and I found that although some do work they don’t always taste great. Over the last several weeks, I have been using Crest Sensi-Relief toothpaste. It is clinically proven to offer sensitivity relief, cavity fighting, and it builds protection against sensitive tooth pain.

Crest Sensi-Relief; with regular brushing, whitens teeth by gently removing surface stains, fights cavities, and the best part of all is that it contains Scope which leaves your teeth feeling clean and minty. Crest Sensi-Relief also soothes the nerves to relieve pain in your teeth. It builds protection against sensitive tooth pain from cold, heat, acids, and sweets. It basically gives you healthy looking teeth … I love the results, I love the taste, and I am happy with the results I’m experiencing.

If you’re experiencing teeth sensitivity, try Crest Sensi-Relief for yourself.



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