Tuesday Talk – December 9, 2014

With what little time I have “left over”, I truly don’t have the desire to be on social media. This is why you don’t see me that often on Twitter or Facebook.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t pop in every so often, because I do. What it does mean is I haven’t been interacting with you as I use to. In reality, I believe this will be the case for quite some time. While; it’s true, I’m occupied with my mom’s stuff, since being more unplugged I’ve realized just how much time was being used up.

I will continue with my presence in social media as is, until
I see fit to alter that in any way. No shame, no guilt, and no remorse. I suppose these are my plans for the coming year. What are your plans?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – December 9, 2014

  1. No shame, no guilt, and no remorse, good for you for choosing what your need to do. I have not thought about my plans. There will come a time soon.

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