PG and Walmart Help to Provide Clean Drinking Water #PGMom

Since April, P&G has been working with Walmart Canada and the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program to help provide clean drinking water to those who need it. For every participating P&G product purchased at Walmart in store and online, one day of clean water is donated.

The goal is to provide 25 million days of clean drinking water by March 2015. Thanks to the generous support of Canadians, we are getting closer and have now reached over 15 million days.

P&Gmom bloggers have supported this great cause from participating in July’s photo challenge to picking up P&G products at Walmart, and by sharing with their readers. With all of this, there is still more to do!

To witness the real-life impact of the Clean Water program, ambassador Jason Priestley recently visited rural batey communities in the Dominican Republic to see the important difference Children’s Safe Drinking Water makes for many all over the world. Have a look and share with your friends!

Visit to keep updated on our progress.

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One thought on “PG and Walmart Help to Provide Clean Drinking Water #PGMom

  1. Well done P&G, Walmart Canada and the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. We take this so for granted when so many go without.,

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