Tuesday Talk – December 2, 2014

Yesterday, I lightly touched on the whole issue of getting ready for Christmas.  Since I’ve been pulled in so many directions; as of late, I really find myself behind schedule when it comes to Christmas.  I mentioned; last week, how horrible I felt about not having a proper Holiday Gift Giveaway planned for this year.  After writing that is when I noticed that I hadn’t started with my Christmas preparations at home!

I’m happy to report that over the last week I have one less thing to do on my Christmas List of Things To Do!  I pulled out my Christmas cards and got them written up and posted.  Not bad if I do say so myself!  I feel pretty proud of myself.   On Sunday, I actually had a friend tell me that she already received my Christmas card and that I was the first one she received so far!  Would this mean that I’m not as far off on the Christmas List of Things To Do as I originally thought?!  Hmmmm.

As far as baking goes, I know that one of my loyal readers (Freda) has already baked up a storm!  I’m amazed at how many dozens of cookies she has baked.  It would be nice if she sent me a box of samples [hint, hint]!  I wish I still had it in me … I use to bake quite a bit many years ago.  Seeing pictures of all the baked cookies has made me interested in getting back to baking.  To actually do it is another thing completely!

I will try but don’t hold me to it.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – December 2, 2014

  1. We decided this year not to send out Christmas cards. With the cost of posting them we may just do email letters instead. As for cookies, I have done some baking a few weeks ago. I made gingerbread and whipped short bread cookies. Unfortunately, the whipped shortbread are all gone!

  2. Great to hear that you’ve made progress! I have yet to start anything – my tree was ‘suppose’ to go up yesterday but that didn’t happen. As for cards, I haven’t even picked out a kit/box yet! I am very excited to get baking though.

  3. I have been super busy as of late as well and have put our Christmas decorating on hold! Hopefully things will get done soon! I am super slacking on the baking too 😦 Really not feeling up to it this year unfortunately.

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