Monday Mumblings – December 1. 2014

Hello December.  Yup; December has arrived and that means it’s crunch-time.  How ready are you for the Holidays?

While I see online many people discussing what they celebrate, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, etc., I struggle at home with what we celebrate (or not).  This has been happening for the last nine years; as long as I’ve been with my parnter.  It’s difficult and stressful for me and for my daughter because we both enjoy and celebrate Christmas.  In fact, we both LOVE Christmas!  Where the difficulty lies is with my partner … the Athiest.

On one hand, we have someone that wants nothing to do with Christmas so no decorations, no presents, no songs, no nothing.  On the other hand, we have my daughter and I that want to embrace Christmas completely!  If we could hear Christmas songs all year it would be fine with us; we actually have been heard singing Christmas carols throughout the year!

It is what it is.  We’ll get through it (we always do), but it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to do.  Again, I find myself in the middle of things as I do understand both sides of things.

What about you?  Are the holidays easy for you?


4 thoughts on “Monday Mumblings – December 1. 2014

  1. Christmas is a time of celebration for us. Yesterday was the beginning of Advent, which for us is a time of preparation for Christmas. A time to prepare our hearts and mind for the coming of Christ. I hope you and your family can come to a middle ground where you are free to celebrate and enjoy.

  2. That must be hard to deal with. I love Christmas too but hubby and I are both Catholic/raised with Santa so that’s our tradition. What’s hard for me personally is certain family not getting along and not wanting to all come to Christmas Eve dinner. Means having to host more than one Christmas usually but my kids love it.

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