Get Ready to Show Off Your Lashes With @Covergirl #COVERGIRLBloomsies #PGMom #goBloom

There’s a new product in town! Get ready to show off your lashes with the latest COVERGIRL mascara – Full Lash Bloom by LashBlast. This new mascara delivers natural lash fullness that’s soft to the touch, and it’s never stiff or spiky!  This is for two reasons – first, it features a NEW petal-shaped molded brush that has short and long bristles so it aligns, combs, and coats every lash for full separated volume. Second, it has a NEW soft-set formula with natural beeswax which provides buildable volume that doesn’t set hard. So you end up with full, soft lashes that bounce, stay flexible and resist flaking.

COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom

Thanks to the perfect combination of formula and brush, lashes are exceptionally full – never stiff or spiky.

Plus, the brush and formula are designed to work together to maintain the shape of the natural lash, leaving the ends tapered and keeping them naturally separated. The mascara emphasizes lashes’ shape and length, without overloading them with heavy waxes and clays that set to a stiff film on the lashes.

Six SKUs available in both regular and waterproofVery Black, Black, Black Brown

COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara will be available at mass-market, retailers nationwide beginning December 2014.



MSRP: $8.49-10.99 Prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer.

CG full lash

I received one to try and also an extra Full Lash Bloom that I passed on to my daughter to try.  We both have long lashes that are noticeable without mascara; however, we use mascara to help our lashes become even more noticeable.  Mascara generally darkens, combs and separates the lashes so that they look even more fabulous than they already are.  At least that’s the idea behind using mascara for us.  COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom dries soft and doesn’t stick or clump.  It leaves the lashes looking very natural.


Both my daughter and I have found it very easy to welcome Full Lash Bloom into our makeup bags … we love the look and feel!

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4 thoughts on “Get Ready to Show Off Your Lashes With @Covergirl #COVERGIRLBloomsies #PGMom #goBloom

  1. I stopped using mascara years ago due to issues with my contacts, but now that I do not wear them anymore I want to try mascara again. This new Covergirl product sounds like one I could try.

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