Spread the Holiday Cheer With @Hallmark_Canada #HallmarkPressPause #NorthPole1820

This holiday season Hallmark is spreading the magic with the exclusive line, Northpole. These products come all the way from the enchanted city and help bring the holiday spirit to your own home. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of life at the Northpole in Hallmark’s upcoming original movie, Northpole, appearing exclusively on Bravo on Saturday 15 at 8pm ET.

The magic of the holiday season is upon us and this year Hallmark is the direct link to the man in red! Hallmark is helping to connect you to the enchanted city through an exclusive line of products as seen in the film called Northpole so families can join in the fun at home. Visit Northpole1820.com for a never-before-seen glimpse into Santa’s magical city Northpole. For parents and children together, it’s magic – complete with daily countdown activities, fun facts and a chance to see how elves live, play and share their anticipation for Christmas.

Hallmark Christmas pic

Find Me, Santa! Snowflake Christmas Decoration with light  MSRP $9.95 – Add your name and hang this lighted snowflake in a window, on a doorknob, or wherever you like to ensure that Santa finds you – no matter where you are. On Christmas Eve, the snowflake will glow for four hours until the jolly guy arrives. Includes LED lights that change colours for light show to signal where Santa can find you, and a ribbon for hanging-whether you’re traveling or at home. Children can personalize snowflake by putting their names on a red foil sticker.*

Northpole Communicator™ MSRP $29.95 – Stay connected to the whos and whats of Northpole all season long. Every day Dec. 1 through Christmas, push the button and turn the knob to have a conversation with Santa or one of his Northpole friends.*

Northpole Dance Like an Elf™ MSRP $19.95 – Crank the tunes and get the whole family dancing with this elf dance machine. You’ll love busting a move in Northpole traditional elf styles, like “Stir the Hot Chocolate,” “Build a Snowman” and “Ski Down the Mountain.”*

Northpole Snowby the Polar Bear MSRP $29.95 – Snowby is from Northpole. He’s an adorable baby polar bear who knows the true meaning of friendship. Caution: globe is made of glass and is breakable. For decorative use only.*

Rooftop dropRooftop Drop Game MSRP $9.95 – Test your gift-dropping skills with this popular Northpole game. Set up the rooftop and let the whole family take turns tossing the beanbag-shaped gifts into the chimney to see who’s best at fly-by gifting.*

Fun Baking Items …

Hallmark Xmas Baking

Bake Like an Elf™ Kit with Recipe Cards MSRP $14.95 – Make a little happy in the kitchen, elf-style, with authentic Northpole cookie recipes and measuring tools shaped like a mitten, elf shoe and jingle bell, illustrated recipe cards feature easy-to-make elf cookie recipes and the stories behind them.*

Cookie Wonder Wheel Rolling Cookie Cutter MSRP $9.95 – Now you can have the secret weapon of busy elf bakers in Northpole. Create perfect elf-sized cookies in lots of holiday shapes with a single roll over your dough.*

Northpole Sprinkle Bell MSRP $7.95 – Spruce up your cookies with this game-changing Northpole kitchen gadget. Fill the bell with your favourite sugary sprinkles and watch it release the perfect pre-measured amount over your yummy cookies.*

Northpole Cookie Flipper Spaturla MSRP $4.95 – Flipping has never been more fun! This cookie flipper is straight from the cozy kitchen of Northpole elves, so you can enjoy a little bit of magic just like they do.*

Northpole Big Elf Apron for Adults MSRP $9.95 – Elves love baking tasty creations, and now you can make kitchen magic in the same fashion that they do! Tie the apron and let the magic rise.*

Northpole Cozy Nesting Bowls MSRP $9.95 – These Northpole nesting bowls make for a totally unique hostess gift. Fill with your favourite holiday sweets and your guests will be all smiles!*

* This Hallmark item is also available at other retailers where Hallmark product is sold.

Visit www.hallmark.ca for a store near you.

“Life is a Special Occasion”

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