Monday Mumblings – November 3, 2014

You may have noticed that I was away on vacation?  Well, I’m back now!  After going through so much difficulty and bad news, returned home (after vacation) to some good news.

My mom has finally been accepted into a long-term care facility.  In fact, the hospital will be transferring her into the facility this Wednesday.  I’m thrilled with the news too.   The hospital has been doing a fine job of taking care of her; however, I have seen her quickly going downhill both physcially and mentally … it just isn’t the kind of place that can be dedicated to interacting with all of their patients in the way that they all require.

For Alzheimer’s patients, they need to practice their memory as much as they require physical workouts.  This is where long-term care facilities come in … there are daily activites, outings, communal meals, and so much more!  The one thing I really like about the home my mom is going into is that it has resident pets!

3 thoughts on “Monday Mumblings – November 3, 2014

  1. This is a hard time of life when our parents need more care. I am glad you have found a good facility for your Mom. Living in a small community this is hard, we have few options, and I know several who are having a hard time making this decision.

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