Monday Mumblings – October 27, 2014


We’ve been in Hawaii for a few days now; in Oahu to be specific, and life’s crazy hectic schedule couldn’t be further away. As usual, I don’t like to post that I’m away while I’m actually away. I prefer to share my vacation with you once I am back safe at home. Simply put: you can never be too careful.

Our vacation planning went on for a few months prior to our actual trip, and trust me when I say that it was difficult to keep quiet about it! My partner and I last visited Hawaii in 2008, promising to return as soon as possible. A six year wait isn’t so bad; I suppose, and I’m thrilled to actually be back in paradise.

In 2008 we only visited Maui. As much as we love it, we decided it was best to do an island-hop so as to experience a different island. On Oahu, we hiked up Diamond Head … it a difficult feat for someone like me; I’m scared of heights and of the dark … climbing Diamond Head means you get to experience both of my fears. Oahu is beautiful and does have some amazing things to do; however, our hearts are with Maui.

After a few days on Oahu, we are ready to take a flight over to Maui. The first thing on our list is a helicopter ride. As much as I’m scared of heights, I promised myself that I would experience a helicopter ride on this trip. I’ll be scared and I’ll do it scared! Maui, here I come!

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures to choose from … I will pick out some great ones to share with you.




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