Discover NEW @Tide Pods Free and Gentle formula #PGMom

New Tide Pods Free & Gentle provides a deeper clean vs. the leading National competitor Free detergent and the convenience of single-use pacs. This new entry joins the free & sensitive category, which has grown 20% in the last five years. For people with sensitive skin seeking a detergent free of dyes and perfumes, Tide Pods Free & Gentle provides a deep clean that leaves behind no dyes or perfumes on fabrics, for gentleness on skin. With Tide Pods Free & Gentle, consumers don’t have to sacrifice cleaning performance for gentleness:
 Tide Pods Free & Gentle detergent offers the best of both worlds: a deeper clean than the free detergent, as well as gentleness on skin.
 This Free & Gentle formula is offered in a convenient pre-measured, single-use pac.
 In addition to the single-use pac formula, Tide Free & Gentle is also available in  powder, liquid and HE liquid, for high-efficiency washers.

Tide Pods Free & gentle (1)

About Tide Pods Free & Gentle Technology:

The Tide Pods Free & Gentle formula is specifically formulated with no dyes and perfumes to be tough on stains and gentle on skin. The film used to manufacture the pacs is designed to dissolve in all water temperatures, hot or cold. This form is designed for any type washing machine (traditional or HE), as well as all loads sizes and temperatures.

Tide Pods Free & gentle (2)  Tide Pods Free & gentle (3)



Don’t look away – you need to see this:

You might find this a little disgusting; however, this jar (on the left) shows the dirt left behind after one wash-load.  You owe it to yourself to get Tide Pods free & gentle.

– great for people with sensitive skin

– effective on dirt and stains

– can be used with hot or cold water

… you’ll love the results!

Tshirts below showing (right to left):

1.strawberry ice cream stain
2.Washed with Tide Pods Free & Gentle
3.Washed with Purex
4.After washed with Purex then Tide Pods Free & Gentle



Dr. Sandy Skotnicki’s top tips for sensitive skin sufferers: 

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, leading Canadian dermatologist, knows that sensitive skin can be painful, irritating and frustrating for many. Here are her top tips to help soothe and
prevent irritable skin.
1. Avoid fragrances and or botanicals in your daily washing, soaps, detergents and
moisturizers, as they can be both irritants and allergens. Test out a detergent like
the new Tide Pods Free & Gentle. For people with sensitive skin seeking a
detergent free of dyes and perfumes, Tide Pods Free & Gentle provides a deep
clean that leaves behind no dyes or perfumes on fabrics, for gentleness on skin.
2. Stick to non-foaming “soaps” in the shower. They do not strip the skin of its
natural oils.
3. Only shower or bath once a day. Water dries out the skin.
4. Make sure that you keep bathing times to under 15 minutes and avoid using hot
5. After bathing, pat dry. Rubbing your body with a towel will remove moisture and
further dry out your skin.

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3 thoughts on “Discover NEW @Tide Pods Free and Gentle formula #PGMom

  1. I love Tide Free, it’s nice that they are coming in pod form now. We are teaching my oldest how to start doing laundry and the pods make everything so much easier, no measuring or spiling.

  2. I used the sample I was given and really loved it too. I noticed my sensitive skin was not as dry, itchy and irritated after washing the clothes. Where normally it is.

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