Tuesday Talk – September 30, 2014

Where has September gone?  I have spent the last few weeks going bananas!  Visiting my mom in the hospital nearly every day has really put me in a dark place … to see how life is slowly taken away from someone is extremely hard to witness.  My mom’s moments of lucidity still exhist; however, the ‘other’ moments are beginning to linger a little longer and more often.

It is interesting how the mind works (or doesn’t).  That sounds weird for me to say doesn’t it?  What I mean is, I find it amazing how my mom (for example) can remember all the details of when she came to Canada in 1967 but can’t remember if she ate today. It’s how Alzheimer’s works … it’s truly interesting.

I look at the calendar and am in disbelief.  September has come and gone, and I don’t know how I got through it.  I hope that October perks me up.

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