Monday Mumblings – September 22, 2014

I’ve been visiting my mom every day in the hospital.  It’s been tiring and extremely sad to see her there … that’s not where she belongs (she’s my mom after all).  Every time I leave, to go home, I feel quite depressed.

There are so many elderly that are left alone, without family, without friends.  They’re alone, frail, and scared.  How sad is that?  They must be feeling confused, and maybe like they are prisoners.  Yes, there are other patients with broken legs, or what have you; however, the ward I visit is specifically for the elderly so that’s what I get to see.

While visiting my mom, I see the other patients.  Some moan in pain, others sleep for hours, and still others try to get out of their beds to leave … only to be stopped by nurses, and escorted back to their beds.  These patients (our parents) are now almost helpless.  They wear diapers: they have strangers giving them baths, taking them to the washroom, and changing their diapers.  Humiliating but very necessary.  They are routinely fed meals, and given their meds.  Did you know that the nurses grind the pills and mix it in applesauce, and then just scoop it all up in a spoon and give it to their patients?  Yup, it’s super easy that way!

Nurses are living and breathing saints.

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