Monday Mumblings – September 15, 2014

Alzheimer’s isn’t a fun thing to deal with; especially not when it’s your own parent!  My mom has had a rapid progression in the last three months.  Six months ago, the doctor considered my mom to be at a moderate level … now, my mom is at the advanced stage.

Last week, I had the urinary tract infection scare with my mom.  The doctor put her on 7 days worth of antibiotics … by the time Saturday rolled around again, I rushed her to the hospital again!  I had arrived at her house to visit (like I was doing on a daily basis); however, I found her slumped over, sitting in the kitchen chair, with her pills everywhere around her.  There were pills on the table, on the floor, on her lap, in her shoes, and anywhere you could see!  I was horrified!  Had she OD-ed?  I had no choice but to rush her to the emergency.

She hasn’t left the hospital since.  In other words, she’s been there for 9 days … she will not be returning to her home.  From the hospital she will have to be placed into a long term home because she requires 24 hour supervision.  This I did not expect.

I really don’t know how I’ve been functioning this past week nor how I will be able to continue to function, going forward!  I appreciate your prayers, good wishes, and happy thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Monday Mumblings – September 15, 2014

  1. I’m sorry it’s progressed so quickly. Rest assured the doctor knows what is best, and she will get great care. My prayers and positive vibes are always with you. I’m here if you need a shoulder. (((HUGS)))

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