Monday Mumblings – August 11, 2014

Yesterday was my daughter’s first day on the job.  I can’t believe my baby is working!!  In all honesty, I don’t know who was more nervous about it … I’m happy to report that we both survived.

My daughter went through the normal first-job-kind-of-feelings.  Do you know the feelings I’m talking about?  Fear, nerves, confusion, anxiety, doubt, and all that sort of stuff.  She was even embarrassed because she had to keep asking for help!  I did take the time to explain to her that these are all normal feelings but that before she knows it she’ll feel a lot more confident.  She’ll be fine (I know) but I had to do my mom-job didn’t I?

Now it’s your turn.  What was it like when your child first went to work?  How did you feel?  How did your child feel?



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