Monday Mumblings – August 4, 2014

It’s Monday; it’s a Civic Holiday but for us it’s just another day.  My partner has to work.  I’m actually going to take some extra time out to look at my blog, and see what I can do to catch up so to speak.

Have you noticed that I have stopped posting my Month in Review (March was the last one)?  Remember, the one I thought I’d keep going but somehow managed not to?  Yup, that one!  How does that happen?  I mean, how can we start something with good intentions but then not follow through?  I love the idea of a Month in Review; but for whatever reason I just can’t keep up.

Should I leave it as is, and just forget it? In other words, should I just not bother with it and just forget the whole thing?   Should I pick up where I left off … so go back to April and then continue with my posts?

What would you do?


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