Tuesday Talk – July 29, 2014

Blog-world; for a certain group of bloggers, has become very strange.  Lately, I’ve noticed that certain bloggers have been bullied, and harassed.  Lies and rumours have been spread, and people have been hurt.  Unprofessional behaviour that is completely unnecessary is happening and it has left many bloggers (including me) feeling dazed, confused, and really upset!  Really?  Does this kind of stuff really happen?  Unfortunately, it does … and it has.

I thought that adults would have outgrown childish, back-stabbing, tattle-tale behaviour by now!  It seems that some have not.  It’s astounding that this type of behaviour is actually happening, and I know that:

(1) there’s nothing I can do to change it

(2) I don’t want to be sucked into this drama

(3) this may have been the first you’ve heard of this happening, so I’m sorry to have burst the blogger bubble

In hopes of possibly making some positive impact and maybe even changing a few things; like tips for any kind of bullying, if you come across this type of cyber behaviour:

– do not share anything that can hurt or embarrass someone (including yourself)

– do not respond to negativity (silence can be golden)

– delete that blogger from your feed

– maintain healthy, positive contacts

Unfortunately, I can’t get more into details about whatever drama it is that is happening ‘out there’; however, I hope it doesn’t reach us (me and you)!  No more drama in my life, please.



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – July 29, 2014

  1. So sorry this is happening! I have had to unfollow a couple of bloggers due to drama also. I try to be as positive as I can and not get sucked into anything like that!

  2. I’ve tried to stay out of it. It wasn’t too long ago I felt bashed by my blogging peers. Best to just keep out of it if it doesn’t involve you. Getting involved makes you a target.

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