Monday Mumblings – July 14, 2014

Do you get time to yourself?  What do you do with a that time?

My daughter has gone away on vacation for an entire month!  My partner works long, odd hours and I’m left alone with my two cats.  Normally stressed, I would relish in my newly acquired “alone time”; however, now facing all of this extra time I really don’t know what to do with myself!  Is that weird?  I actually freeze “in fear” when I’m alone!

Don’t misunderstand; at first it feels amazing!  When my partner is at work, and I look around the empty house I think it’s awesome, wonderful, quiet, and completely what I need!  I have time to cook, clean, do errands, and even take care of myself!!  Nice; right? Wait for it … give it a second or two … let the quiet linger … that’s when the complete silence kicks in … that’s when I notice how ALONE I am, and I HATE it.

Yes, I can probably get a lot done … but I have a hard time doing stuff because I am alone. I don’t really DO alone well.

I’ll have to push through this; if I want to get anything done, but it’s going to be difficult for me.  My ‘To Do’ list is HUGE so I have stuff to do.  Getting enough courage to do it all alone is ……………….


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