Monday Mumblings – May 5, 2014

It’s May and has been for a few days now.  I’m amazed at how much in ‘slow-mo’ I am … I blink and days have gone by!  How utterly crazy it is to me; I make plans to do this or that and then I realize that “hey, wasn’t I supposed to do this on that day?” and then realize that the day came and went and I didn’t even know!

What’s with this phenomena?  Does it happen to you too?  It can’t just be me!  Other than a long vacation, what are some suggestions?  I hinted to this last week.  Should I cut out posts?  Should I take a week off?  Maybe a day?

I’ve already pulled away A LOT from Twitter; as well as from Facebook, so how much more is left?  My personal life shouldn’t be as hectic as it sometimes feels … that might be my anxiety speaking!  Somewhere among your suggestions I’m hoping to find a solution.

Thank You.

One thought on “Monday Mumblings – May 5, 2014

  1. Naw, it hit me too. I figured it out though… we’re not used to it being so cold in May…. doesn’t help a girl feel better when she’s still wearing her sweaters.
    This month has been blah for me and I have no motivation. Sucks ’cause I put a ton of expectations on myself this month. Ugh, what was I thinking?!
    I hope you, me and anyone else gets out of this May funk soon….. (like Thursday when it will actually be spring temperatures… 🙂 )

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