PG brandSAVER is Now Available #PGMom

There are certain products that we will buy regardless of how much they cost; however, when these products are on sale, or coupons are available, it’s savings on top of savings!  All the more reason to purchase them!

I don’t wait to run out of something before I purchase another one to replace it.  My shelves are stocked with “backups” because I’m always searching for sales on the items we use.  I definitely try to be savvy with my finances and I love sharing deals and/or tips with everyone.

It’s time!

The new P&G brandSAVER is now available online and in print on Saturday, May 3.  You can save up to $94 in participating P&G brands!  Go on; go get them!

Disclosure:  As a PGMom, I receive products and special access to P&Gevents and opportunities.  I have not been financially compensated in any other way.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely.  Any information acquired from P&G’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.
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