New Hair, New You with @Pantene Anti-Oxidant Technology #PGMom

Pantene introduces a new era of shampoos with NEW anti-oxidant technology (EDDS) that specifically addresses the oxidative damage that all hair faces. This EDDS technology stems from the discovery that copper in your water, can deposit on hair and weaken vital proteins – a result of free radicals produced by copper minerals. Just as free radicals are known to damage skin, free radicals in hair erode the protein structure via oxidative damage. With Pantene’s new clinically-proven anti-oxidant technology, now available across all  Pantene base shampoos, as well as in the NEW Damage Detox CollectionPantene is the first global brand designed to help prevent this form of oxidative damage by reducing copper accumulation in hair.

Damage Detox

The NEW Pantene Pro-V Damage Detox Collection, features 2x the anti-oxidant technology and was specially designed for hair that is starting out with a higher level of oxidative damage, such as color treaters. It includes adaily revitalizing shampoo ($5.99*) and rebuilding conditioner ($5.99*), as well as a Weekly Deep Cleanse($5.99*) and Rehab Crème ($7.99*) to provide healthy-looking hair every day, but also to help protect the integrity of the protein core over time.

Pantene Damage Detox

My daughter and I welcome Pantene into our daily hair care routines because we both have long hair.  We want to ensure that our hair looks (and is) as healthy as possible.  What do you think about Pantene?

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2 thoughts on “New Hair, New You with @Pantene Anti-Oxidant Technology #PGMom

  1. Well I’m very happy with the pantene heat shield shampoo, conditioner and serum that I won from your giveaway !! My hair looks and feels great!!

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