Top 3 Tips for a simple + sexy Valentine’s Day #ChurchDwightValue

With so much focus on finding the perfect card or gift for Valentine’s Day, we often put the physical expression of our love on the back burner.  This year, consider turning up the heat by making Valentine’s Day an experience you and your partner will both remember. Sexual Health Expert Robin Milhausen offers 3 tips that cost less than a box of chocolates and can be part a healthy sexual relationship all year – not just one day.

“I love you because when we kiss I always feel sparks … meet me in bed, I’ll prove it”

Foreplay, all day – “When it comes to the bedroom, foreplay can start early and build throughout the day,” explains Milhausen. “Leave your partner a sexy note in their briefcase, send a text at lunch, and let the anticipation build.”

PA1007775_Pulse_right      1000814M_Pulse_CMYK

Good vibrations –Vibrators, such as the Trojan Vibrating Pulse, are perfect for foreplay with concentrated pleasure pulsing pretty much anywhere you and your partner think you might enjoy.* “If you’ve never used a vibrator before, these non-intimidating products are a great option,” explains Milhausen. For added convenience, they can be found at your local drug, grocery or mass retailers.

There’s nothing strange, or wrong, with ‘building up’ to a pleasurable moment. The Trojan Vibrating Pulse is a good introductory accessory for your intimate moments; it is strong enough to be effective, soft enough to be comfortable, and enough settings so as to gradually lose any inhibitions.  Before you know it you’ll be pleased you tried it.

1029579_Tingly_Warmth_Lub_front   1029578_continuous_silkiness_Lub_front   1029577_Arouses_&_Intensifies_Lub_front

Indulge your senses – There are three Trojan pleasure-enhancing lubricants to choose from including Continuous SilkinessArouses & Intensifies and Tingly Warmth.  Personal lubricant is the perfect way to take passion and pleasure to new heights.* “A lot of couples have the impression that a lubricant is only used to fix a problem, but they can also be about increasing pleasure and fun,” says Milhausen.

Scent is just as personal as a personal lubricant.  You have to figure out which is best for you (if any); however, Trojan offers some great options to scented lubricants.  You can try them for fun, or try them depending on your mood!  You might even try a ‘theme-night’!  Now play nice.

 “Occasions like Valentine’s Day are a great reminder to make time for our loved ones, but we are often so caught up in creating some big event or getting the perfect gift for our partners that we forget about the pleasure of spending intimate one-on-one time together,” says Milhausen. “Connecting sexually in a new and different way can be all it takes to have a Valentine’s Day you will never forget.”
* Always follow package directions and warnings.
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