Gisele Bündchen sizzles as the newest Pantene Ambassador #PGMom

Gisele Bündchen sizzles as the newest Pantene Ambassador

Pantene - Gisele Image LWRSFor more than a decade, women around the globe have been using the phrase “I want Gisele hair” to describe their ultimate hair inspiration.  Pantene and one of the world’s most recognized supermodels, Gisele Bündchen, are coming together to create a match made in hair heaven.

Bündchen will appear in all elements of the brand’s holistic marketing campaign.  The international supermodel has been representing Pantene in Brazil since 2007.

“Gisele is truly a woman who has it all – not only does she have one of the most iconic heads of hair in the beauty world but she is also a true role model with a huge heart,” says Kevin Crociata, Marketing Director of North American Hair Care at P&G. “We want to celebrate Gisele not only for her beauty, but also her genuine passion to empower women to be their best selves.  Her tremendous career accomplishments, her success as a mother of two wonderful children, and her ongoing philanthropic work are an inspiration for women to be beautiful both inside and out. We are proud to now have her as part of our North American Pantene family.”


Gisele (and her twin) is one of the middle sisters in a house of six girls.  She was born in a small city in Brazil, and has become the most famous supermodel of all time.  She has appeared on more than 700 magazine covers around the world, has been in the greatest fashion campaigns, has walked in the most illustrious fashion shows, and has done editorials for the most important magazines in the industry.  Despite it all, Gisele has always been a nature lover and a strong supporter of social and environmental causes.  Her work has been recognized by UNEP, which has named her an Environmental Goodwill Ambassador.  She was raised in a very simple environment and is a true example of how anyone can succeed with hard work, dedication and focus.

“I feel my hair has been through it all– from being styled more than ten times in one day to enjoying the sun and surf with my children – and Pantene has helped to keep it healthy with every wash, no matter what the day may bring,” says Bündchen. “I love that Pantene not only stands for healthy, strong hair, but also encourages women to give back specifically through a program like Pantene Beautiful Lengths.” er ongoing philanthropic work are an inspiration for women to be beautiful both inside and out. We are proud to now have her as part of our North American Pantene family.”

Stay tuned for more information on this new technology!

Gisele Bündchen will be the face of a new Pantene campaign, the first-ever, clinically-tested, anti-oxidant damage-blocking technology (EDDS).  This damage blocking technology targets, captures and helps reduce copper build-up on hair to help prevent oxidative damage, which over time leads to a new dimension of damage protection. This technology will be across most Pantene shampoo formulas and works to preserve the long-term condition of hair.

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