My Second Meeting with @P!NK This Year! @COVERGIRL #PGMom

This past year, as a PGMom, has been pretty spectacular because I’ve received so many wonderful opportunities.  How often do you get to say that you’ve met P!NK twice in one year?  Well I can!


Earlier this month, (December 2nd, Toronto) I got to meet COVERGIRL’s P!NK, in person, for my second time this year!!  [remember I met her in March]


I was joined by fellow P&Gmom bloggers: AnneMarie, Karen, Jennifer B, Andrea, Renee, Sarah Lynn, Caroline, Tammy, Diana … along with some members of the P&G CoverGirl brand team.


Although meeting (Alecia) P!NK was certainly the highlight of the night, seeing her in concert was even more spectacular.  P!NK is simply an amazing performer.  I’ve loved listening to her songs for the last 13 years and am looking forward to many more years of her hits.  Many artists that have influenced P!NK are some of my favourite … that might be because I’m 11 years older than P!NK.  Anyway you look at it, P!NK has powerful vocals.  Her voice can bring out even the deepest of emotions, and can also empower.  In my opinion, she is one of the greatest pop artists of this generation.

There’s really nothing I can say that will do her justice.  P!NK just is amazing.  If you enjoy her music then it is definitely worth seeing her in concert.  It’s much more than a concert … it’s a circus/show/concert that is always 100%.

Thank you COVERGIRL and P&G for sending me!

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