The Day I Met P!NK – Thanks to @CoverGirl @PGInsider #PGMom

Where and how do I begin to tell you about such an amazing experience as what my daughter and I experienced on Monday March 11, 2013, at the P!NK concert?  In an attempt to keep what might become a lengthy post, I promise to “try” to keep my write-up to a good length.
 Pink Clump Crusher - On Green Cord Behind
I suppose it isn’t necessary to explain how excited we were while getting ready to go to P!NK’s concert.  To complete the “concert experience” my partner hired a limousine to take us!  Pretty exciting, I’d say, for a teenager’s first concert!  The whole “getting ready” thing started the night before the concert … DIY facials, hair dye, and nails.  Whew!
Once the limo arrived our nerves kicked into high gear … to smooth things over, and to get into the moment, we played P!NK’s latest CD.  We arrived at the Air Canada Center in good time, and picking up our tickets at ‘will-call’ was a breeze.  Eagerly we entered through Gate 1 and ended up being the first ones to arrive at the VIP room.  We truly were treated like the VIP we were (for the night) with an open bar and yummy appetizers!  There were a total of four bloggers in the VIP room so it kind of felt like a blogger reunion.
(this picture was taken by Shannon – @shasherslife)
We ended up enjoying several appetizers before my daughter and I were lead to meet P!NK … I think there were a total of 12 people waiting to meet P!NK; however, my daughter managed to be first in line.  Needless to say, she was very excited about meeting P!NK.  Moments later, we were taken into a small room to wait for P!NK … when she appeared it was surreal.  She was beautiful, she was poised, she was stunning!  Her first words were “you guys are soooooo quiet!” … truer words have never been spoken.  Indeed we were very quiet; I think we were all in shock.  My daughter blushed and couldn’t stop blushing.  One by one P!NK greeted each of us, and then posed for a picture.  While my daughter and I were first to walk into the room, we were last to meet P!NK and pose for a picture with her.  After I shook hands with P!NK, I turned to my daughter and presented her to P!NK.  Wow!! Think about that for a moment.  I got to present P!NK to my daughter!!!!  That’s a moment I’ll never forget!  We then posed for a picture … P.S. she is so tiny (solid but tiny) and truly down to earth and genuine.  P!NK is the epitome of girl power, and she definitely rocks it!  P!NK then autographed a picture for each one of us and then bid farewell … she was off to prepare for her concert.
We missed seeing her opening act (The Hives); however, ‘partying’ in the VIP room prior to the concert was truly a relaxing endeavor … it lead up to being escorted to the side entrance into the concert area.  Almost everyone was seated … the stands were full, it WAS sold out!  We found our seats and seconds later it began.
P!NK is an outstanding performer and I was amazed while watching her sing while doing her acrobatic feats.  From beginning to end, I was mesmerized.
 PinkUpClose PinkDownwardFacing PinkFlyingThroughtheAir
If it weren’t for being a PGMom, I would’ve never had this opportunity … I’ll remain forever grateful.   As a mom, I’ll always cherish the moment I saw my daughter’s eyes light up (while her face turned red) when she met P!NK … especially when P!NK said “beautiful” when shaking my daughter’s hand.
Wow!  There really aren’t any other words that could explain it any better.  Thank you P&G; you have touched our lives.
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7 thoughts on “The Day I Met P!NK – Thanks to @CoverGirl @PGInsider #PGMom

  1. You look beautiful and wow the long legs on your DD!!!
    So glad you had an amazing time with your daughter. That’s one moment in time you will always have together and be able to cherish. I’m so happy for you!

  2. I am sooo jealous! Just kidding! I Love P!NK too, she is truly the definition of beauty in many ways! So happy you and your daughter had this opportunity to see her show AND meet her! Wow! Talk about a star-struck evening 😉

  3. Wow I made it and got to check out your blog with meeting Pink!! It sounds like you had such a great time!! You can tell by the smiles on your faces. You lucky girls..and how nice to go in a limo, you couldn’t ask for more!!

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