I Introduce to You: Inside The Mirror

 I have some good news to share with you today.  My daughter, yes the one I speak of ALL the time, has been keeping herself busy (aside from schoolwork) with her nail art, hair, and makeup.  For a long time I’ve had to listen to her tell me that I don’t know how to put on makeup, do my hair, pluck my eyebrows, or anything else for that matter!  I’ve listened to her instruct me on the “how to’s”, and on the “why’s” of everything”.  I’m thinking that it might be time for her to find a new audience.
Hence the reason for the good news!  We’ve started up her own blog!!  It’ll be her place to strut her stuff, to learn about herself,  and to “do it all” for her potential readers/followers.  Eventually, she’ll be active on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube …. there are endless possibilities!  My only concern is that she doesn’t get carried away.  Her school responsibilities will have to come first always.  My daughter also volunteers her time, and she participates in extra-curricular activities so there just can’t be that much time left over.
I’ve made it clear that she is not to have routine posts, like I do with “Monday Mumblings” for example, because she won’t be able to keep up everything.  She can; however, post when she has a product to review, or when she has some extra time on hand.  We’ll see how it all pans out.
In case you’d like to pay a visit, or even follow her blog, please drop in:

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