This Was My Day at the @Telus #chatBB Virtual Learning Session

Eager beaver, as I am, I arrived a half hour early to the TELUS BlackBerry10 Learning Session Event.  My anxiety usually gets the best of me, and I either arrive very early or very late.  This time around, it worked in my favour!  Even though I was born and raised in Toronto, I never really got out much … hence the reason why when I do go out I usually end up lost.  If I’m lucky enough not to get lost (usually avoidable if I plan my trip in advance), I still go into full panic mode.  I must have prepared myself considerably because the “full panic mode” didn’t set in; I was able to enjoy the entire event start to end.
If you know your way around Toronto, you might recognize where the #chatBB Event was held …
IMG_00001192 … at TELUS – 25 York St.
I was the first person to arrive and; therefore, the first person to be sent up to the second floor.  It was perfect because I got that extra time to set-up my New BlackBerry Z 10, on my own, and for the most part I was pretty successful … it’s fairly simple, straight out of the box.

I did need help when it came to my existing BlackBerry ID account; between two emails and several passwords I managed to goof it all up!  The solution was to set a new password, but I did that on someone’s laptop.   Once that was done, some minor updates and instruction on the BB10’s functionality, it was smooth sailing.  
Me & Donna A. Ramirez (from TELUS)

Me & Donna A. Ramirez (from TELUS)

If you missed the Virtual Learning Session, you can watch it here:
 TELUS BlackBerry Z10 Learning Centre Session / YouTube page:
Once the hour long session was over, we were treated to lunch (yum), and friendly discussions.  What was funny was hearing all the silence in the room … everyone there was completely absorbed and focused on their devices, and discovering what they could do with it.  It was very much like Christmas morning!  LOL
What did I get out of the event?  Aside from the excellent experience, the WWF Panda, the TELUS critter (fox), the lunch, and the BB10 learning session?  Hmmm, let’s see …
With regards to the BBZ10 phone, the device was loaded with a TELUS SIM card for two months, meaning I have full use of the device on the TELUS LTE Network!!  Wow!  That means I have 2 months to get the FULL hands-on experience!  Woot!  Woot!
 At the end of two months, the card will deactivate automatically … that’s when I can either switch to TELUS (remember, I’m currently with a different carrier), or I can get the device unlocked for free by the TELUS Customer Service team.  Either way, the device is mine to keep!  Yahoo!!  Can someone give me a “Woot! Woot!”
Isn’t that totally awesome?!?  Yes, it is, because the BlackBerry Z 10 truly is an exceptional device.  Once you finish listening to the Virtual Session, why don’t you tell me what you think?!


Disclosure:  TELUS invited me to the #chatBB Virtual Learning Centre, and gave me a free BlackBerry Z10, in exchange for my review.  I have not been financially compensated in any other way.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely.  Any information acquired from TELUS’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.
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