@BlackBerry Launches #Blackberry10 and It Impresses! @Telus @DonnaARamirez

By now you’ve heard, BlackBerry launched its new Blackberry Z10 yesterday.   TELUS sent me an invite to spend a few hours, with them, at The Carlu, 444 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, last night.  So, I went.

New Blackberry Z10, courtesy of BlackBerry #BlackBerry10TO

New Blackberry Z10, courtesy of BlackBerry #BlackBerry10TO

I’m thrilled to share with you that I participated in the BlackBerry Experience Fan Event, in Toronto (#BlackBerry10TO RIM Fan Event celebrating the launch of #BlackBerry 10).  I had the opportunity to learn about this innovative device, through a brief demo, and I got to lounge at the TELUS VIP area … that’s where I was flabbergasted with their Truffle Wall!  You all know about my weakness for chocolate!  I met up with some bloggers ( you probably already know who they are).  Actually,  I spent a good part of the evening speaking with Donna Ramirez, from TELUS and with Lewis, from UnboxTherapy.com.  Most fun of all was finding out who the surprise artist was.  Can you guess?!

IMG_00001135 IMG_00001132 IMG_00001133 IMG_00001136

In Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 will be available on February 5th. Pricing will vary by carrier partner, but it will retail for around $149.99 on a 3-year contract.

BlackBerry 10 sneak peak via YouTube:


Wow!  My first impressions, and features I loved:

  • Sleek design
  • Fit and feel in hand – very comfortable
  • Multitasking
  • Seamless, smooth transition
  • Personal/Professional profiles
  • Speed – fast browser
  • New O/S
  • Real-time connection
  • Adapts to user – intuitive
  • Large 4.2″ display screen, with clear images
  • BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow makes management of time super easy

Watch the BlackBerry Z10 Launch Event

So, have you guessed who the artist was yet?  Here’s a clue:


… perhaps a better look?


Yeah baby, Flo Rida!!!

I caught most of this amazing performance; however, I’m not able to share it with you as I may be infringing on rights.

He was amazing!!  So energetic … he got us so pumped.  In the end, very much like the BlackBerry Z10 did.  Let’s look at last night’s rating poll (personally, I gave it 5 stars):


The fun and excitement doesn’t stop here, for me, because TELUS will be inviting me to attend a “Learning Session” sometime next week!  I’m so excited!!  The BlackBerry Experience Fan Event left me hungry for more.

Thank you TELUS for my BlackBerry Z10 experience.

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