Hasbro Has It!

Hasbro has a couple of great hits; great for my teen and her friends!  Realistically, my daughter is still a kid at heart (not complaining); however, the majority of toys are either too young or too old for her!


With the upcoming holiday, I started to feel a little panicked.  What will my daughter, and her friends, do over the Christmas break at our house? I mean other than watch TV or play the Wii?  Something has to keep them engaged and active … but something has to be adult enough so that both teens and adults will be able to all play together and actually have fun!

Yes; Hasbro fit the bill.  We were lucky, yet again, to receive some goodies to try.  This time, I’m happy to say, I’ll be able to play along with my daughter and not feel bored!

BopItBOP IT! Smash – Can you time it right and smash the light? Smash this BOP IT game to get started! This lightning-quick version of your favorite BOP IT game lets you choose from three intense modes. Play Solo and smash the light in the Zone, or Pass It to get your friends in the game. Multiplayer mode challenges up to six players to see who’s the fastest smasher. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat it? Then, start the action!
Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).
For 1 or more players.   Item: 32949  Ages: 8 years and up

This game, from an adult’s perspective, is fun at first but just didn’t hold my interest for long at all.  Now, “bopping it” is lots of fun for the younger crowd!  It’s loud, noisy, and loads of giggling fun!

ScrabbleCatchPhraseSCRABBLE CATCHPHRASE -Think fast! The SCRABBLE Electronic CATCHPHRASE game challenges you to come up with words and then pass the game fast so you don’t get caught holding the bag! Give your teammates clues so they can guess the word or phrase on the game unit’s screen. But no rhyming, first letters or parts of the word, or the other team gets a point! Once your team has guessed it, pass the unit fast to the other team. When the buzzer goes off, whoever has the unit loses a point to the other side, so move fast! When your team gets to 7 points, you win!
Game unit comes with instructions.
4 or more players.  Requires 3 “”AAA”” batteries (not included).

Item: 98927   Ages: 12 years and up

Now, this is the perfect option for teens to play with or without adults.  It’s engaging enough to keep the interest of adults … this also means it’s challenging enough for young teens while still being interesting.  We’re really looking forward to playing this often over Christmas break, and onward!

Do you have all your Christmas shopping done?  Consider these Hasbto games, either for gifting or for sheer entertainment for friends and family!

Disclosure:  Hasbro provided me with the above-mentioned items to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed (if any) are my own, are honest, and are given freely.  No other forms of compensation was received.  Any information acquired from Hasbro’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.
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