Did You Know @Telus Has a Learning Centre?


Did you know that TELUS has a Learning Centre?  I certainly did not!
I am currently a Rogers client; however, having met the TELUS Team, at the 2012 ShesConnected Conference, I was given a wonderful opportunity … um, in reality my daughter was given a wonderful opportunity: to review the New Samsung Ace II X for two months!!  Since my daughter has never had her own cell phone, she was ecstatic to be given the chance!
For a brief moment, I felt a wave of panic come over me.  “Oh great”, I thought, “now I’m going to have to teach my daughter how to use this cell phone, when I won’t even know!” … I worried for nothing because this is exactly why Telus created the TELUS Learning Centre for!  As a TELUS customer you get a complimentary learning session tailored to you!  [for more details go to telusmobility.com/learn or visit a participating TELUS store]
On December 6th, off I went to take my daughter to her booked complimentary one-to-one learning session to learn about her Samsung Ace II X!
Scott S., the Learning Specialist, at the TELUS Learning Centre (located at Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke, ON) received us with a smile for our learning session.  Scott works out of the Dufferin/Promenade location, normally, but he came out to specifically meet us.  The following hour was spent learning how to use: the basics, Multimedia, Bluetooth setup, Backing up the smartphone, Social media, Applications, Increasing productivity, and Advanced device features.
I was impressed with how gentle Scott was with my daughter … he was very soft-spoken and treated my beginner-level daughter intelligently, respectfully, and with a touch of patience … of course, it was a bonus that he was easy on the eyes.  Even though I sat by my daughter, during the entire learning session, I basically sat back and enjoyed the interaction between Scott and my daughter.  It was amazing to see my daughter actually LISTENING, for a change!  Wow!  It wasn’t long before he had us both paying attention, laughing, and being completely engaged.
While explaining how to use the various apps, Scott also showed us how they can be customized.  I liked how Scott was also very personable; he shared his likes and preferences, and I could tell he put my daughter (usually anxiety ridden) at ease.  By the end of our session, my daughter felt confident and had enjoyed herself immensely.  As a mom, I felt great, I could tell how knowledgeable Scott was … more importantly, I could tell how gentle Scott was too.
… and so my daughter’s cell phone experience begins!  Stay tuned; review still to come.
Disclosure:  TELUS sent me a Samsung Ace II X, for two months, in exchange for my review.  I have not been financially compensated in any other way.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely.  Any information acquired from TELUS’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.
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