Gifts to Power You (and your family’s) Holiday’s – with Duracell’s Help #PGMom

According to a recent study conducted by Duracell, nine in ten parents say it is important to create a memorable Christmas for their childrenwhile nearly half of parents feel stressed out during the holiday season (43%) and worry about forgetting something as there is always so much to do! However, if you’re a parent, you know you can’t control everything (i.e. sneaky kids finding hidden gifts), but one thing you can trust is that Duracell with DuraLock power preserve technology will be there to reliably power-up all of your memorable moments and holiday gifts.

Whether you need power for your or another little ones toys, Duracell – the # 1 trusted battery among parents in Canada – has engineered all of their batteries with DuraLock, a new technology which preserves power for up to 10 years in storage. Just in time for the holidays, it is guaranteed power when or your loved ones need it.

Heading on a holiday trip with the family or needing a quick recharge? Compact enough to fit in your carry-on luggage, the Duracell Quick Charger provides a fast way to recharge your batteries, taking only one hour to charge them. Whether you are rocking out with your travel speakers, powering kids toys or snapping pictures on your camera, the Duracell Quick Charger ensures that none of your holiday vacation moments are powerless. The Duracell Quick Charger has a suggested retail price of $24.99. Click here for more details.

Need to make a quick call to double check a wish-list? There is nothing worse than getting halfway through the day and seeing your cell phone or Ipod is running on empty. Luckily, the Duracell Instant Charger is a handy portable power solution that allows you and your loved ones to charge their new USB-powered devices on the go. Small and light, it can charge many gadgets and is great to keep in your purse or pocket. Suggested retail price is $44.99. Click here for more information. (they were such a big hit at the P&Gmom event)

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Don’t get caught without the power to charge all the Christmas fun!

Disclosure: The above information has been provided by Duracell. As a PGMom, I have been authorized to share this information with you.

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