@Hallmark_Canada Launches New Greeting Card Line

I love being a member of the Hallmark Press Pause Panel, I get to share with you the latest and greatest on all of their products!

I was sent 6 greeting cards made by “Hand and Beak” birthday cards, a recent (and very unique!) launch from Hallmark Canada.  Hallmark Canada is working with Mary McQueen, the founder of Hand and Beak greeting cards which is a unique line of cards featuring collages of various designs made from strips of paper that have been shredded by her pet lovebird, Luigi.  After a successful pitch on CBC’s hit television show Dragons’ Den,  Hand and Beak greeting cards are now available at all Hallmark Gold Crown locations across Canada.

Mary McQueen is based in Victoria, BC and is the founder of Hand and Beak greeting cards.  It all began when her pet bird Luigi had a particular passion for shredding paper with his beak.  After attempting to vacuum up the shredded paper and hearing Luigi’s chirps of protest, Mary decided to creatively use the strips of paper to make collages, which she later turned into greeting cards made from the original artwork.

To create the cards, Luigi the Lovebird uses his beak to shred paper into precision strips.  The Hand and Beak collection features six birthday cards*, all of which include a strip of original shredded paper by Luigi on the inside cover.  All proceeds from the sale of Hand and Beak greeting cards will be donated to Make-A-Wish Canada® on behalf of Hallmark Canada to help grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

These cards are so adorable!  To think that a sweet lovebird has so “lovingly” shred paper, and that it’s been included in each of the available birthday cards … that’s a lot of paper!  The designs are beautiful, and very creative indeed.   Knowing the story behind Hand and Beak, makes giving/receiving these greeting cards all that more special.  They put a smile on my face, as I’m sure it will do the same for you.  Of course, the Hallmark quality is very much present so you can purchase them in your usual loyal faith … rest assured, you’ll be giving a high quality greeting card.

To learn more about Mary and Luigi, please visit www.handandbeak.com

*MSRP:  $3.99 each    Now available at all Hallmark Gold Crown locations across Canada.

Visit www.hallmark.ca for a store near you.

“Life is a Special Occasion”

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