Tuesday Talk – May 15, 2012

While, it’s true, not all women are mommies …. many are.  I am a Mommy (not a surprise); from this Mommy to all mommies out there: I hope you enjoyed your day!  To be honest, I’ve been running around a bit like a chicken with its head cut off … here there and everywhere! When the weekend arrived, I thought it would be a break, that’s when the workload went up!

1) I had previously scheduled a pickup by Children’s Wish Foundation (donation) for today so that meant a busy weekend getting the items ready.
2) I had to ENSURE that my daughter’s bedroom got cleaned up, and by that I mean really cleaned up … so much so that it took ALL DAY!
3) There were 8 loads of laundry to tackle, and 3 loads of dishes over the course of the weekend.
4) I had to take my daughter to get her hair trimmed.
5) I certainly had several posts to work on, and prepare for posting.

… Of course, this is on top of all the regular weekend stuff!  It didn’t help that my daughter was grounded on Saturday; it made it difficult.   Oh yes, and Sunday, aside from Mother’s Day, and my daughter’s friend’s birthday, it was my eldest brother’s birthday as well!  You try to find a restaurant to take your brother to dinner on his birthday, on Mother’s day!!!  Not an easy task.

Nevertheless, the weekend went by, we got everything that needed to get done actually done!
~Disclaimer:  This post was written by My Bits and Bleeps.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions (if any) are honest, and completely my own.~

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