My Baby Got Her Tonsils Out Today

It’s 8:05 am and we are in the waiting room, waiting to be called in for the pre-op appointment with a nurse.  While I feel sick to my stomach, my daughter is calm as calm can be!

The hospital attire is quite attractive (can you hear the sarcasm in those words?); however, it’s apparently warm and cozy too.  I figure if my daughter is comfortable then that’s all that matters.  The silence, in the waiting room, is deafening.  It just helps to increase my anxiety. 
This is my daughter’s first trip to the hospital since she was born.  I felt a little nostalgic when she got the wrist band on; I remembered the little wrist band she last had on when she was born.  The only thought that pops up is: there’s always a slim chance of death when using anesthesia, or in any surgery for that matter!  I know that chances are very, very slim; but, I’m worrying just the same.  I don’t know what would become of me if something were to happen.  I’d give my life for my daughter.

The wait is agonizing; however,  writing while waiting is somewhat comforting.  It’s better than telling my daughter exactly what is going through my mind moments before her surgery!

[time to take a break from writing]

It’s now 3pm and I’m sitting with my daughter in the recovery room.   She’s feeling OK and she’s even able to whisper-talk!  WOW!  In fact, the nurse checked her and said that my daughter’s surgery went extremely well, and her throat looks fabulous.  More than likely she’ll heal well… at least that’s what she thinks.
I feel so relieved.  My anxiety level was so high that, now I’m thinking, when I stepped away from the hospital for 2 hours to do some grocery shopping I might not have gotten everything that I needed to buy!  Do you know how hard it is to grocery shop, under pressure, for Easter weekend all the while thinking about what types of things to buy for my daughter (things that she CAN eat and things that she WILL eat)?  It wasn’t easy!  It was especially difficult when I got a call from the hospital, finding out that my daughter was fine, did well, but was missing me a lot, and to come soon.  It wasn’t easy squeezing in time to buy a stuffed bunny either!
I somehow managed. 
Well, everyone, that’s all for now.  It’s time to focus on my daughter.  More later.

2 thoughts on “My Baby Got Her Tonsils Out Today

  1. Aww, so happy to hear everything went well. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy easter as best as u can. Oh, and a very happy birthday to u 🙂

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