The Updated PlayBook OS 2.0 makes my life run more smoothly #TeamBlackBerry #PlayBook2

I’ve recently updated my existing PlayBook to PlayBook OS 2.0, and I’m so glad that it exists!  There are some new features that I absolutely love, and that have made my life so much easier:

  • the built-in email makes things easier; you can give authorization and list all your emails in one central location … saves me so much time!
  • the calendar – once you authorize it, it synchs all your calendars into this one calendar … so much easier to keep track of where to be!
  • Documents to Go App is a convenient ‘Word’ App to create/edit text

These added (some improved) features really have taken the PlayBook to a higher level of usefullness for those active on Social Media.  As a blogger, I use to get very frustrated because I could never access my Gmail … since the 2.0 update, the built-in email feature allows me to access my emails, Twitter messages, Facebook messages all in one location!  It saves me a lot of time; it’s the extra time I get to put towards what I like doing best: Blogging!

The above mentioned features are the key ones that I love; however, here are a list of the PlayBook 2.0 Features for you to read up on:

  • Built-in features — email, calendar, contacts, and video chat
  • Access to your business applications and productivity tools – Documents to Go and Print to Go
  • Highly secure and reliable
  • All your favorite apps and thousands more – BlackBerry AppWorld™ and BlackBerry Video Store**
  • Ultra Powerful – blazing fast Webkit engine supporting HTML5 and Adobe® Flash®
  • Ultra Portable – new BlackBerry® Bridge™ features let your BlackBerry smartphone act as a keyboard and mouse for your BlackBerry PlayBook giving you wireless remote control of your tablet
  • Ultra Fast – blazing fast dual core processor, two HD 1080p video cameras, and 1GB of RAM for a high performance experience

Some Resources:

This girl is happy to be a part of #TeamBlackBerry #PlayBook2 !!!

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2 thoughts on “The Updated PlayBook OS 2.0 makes my life run more smoothly #TeamBlackBerry #PlayBook2

  1. I have to agree with this all the way, as. Computer techie I do use the Playbook a lot at work, and is a timesaver, especially with PrintToGo as well. Its not about hardware anymore in the tablet space, its about software, and RIM almost got it to a big T.

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