Wednesday Blog Hop – February 15, 2012


Hello everyone.  Here are my link-ups to giveaways.  Feel free to follow me and to enter my giveaways.  You might wish to enter the other giveaways posted on the link-ups as well.  Good Luck! 

My Current Giveaway(s):

1)  “Heart Month Giveaway with @ChickenFarmers and @MyBitsandBleeps CAN 26/02 8pm ET

2)  “@momAgenda Desktop – Review and Giveaway with @MyBitsandBleeps US/CAN 11/03 8pm ET “

 Always keep on the lookout; more will follow soon! 

Other Link-Ups:    


Please Note – I plan on slowly phasing out the Wednesday Blog Hop post.  This means that there will no longer be any “Wednesday Blog Hop” effective March 7, 2012.


(I usually link up with these blogs…at time of posting, these links may have not yet been active -or- I may not have linked up yet; however, this post will be updated accordingly if required.  If I don’t have any giveaways, then I will not be linked to the other blogs.)

Follow those that you would like to follow.

      5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Giveaway Linkup Wednesday

giveaway linky

…. also listed on              


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