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Price: $17.95
ISBN: 9781603818438
Pages: 270
Release: April 11, 2011

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Telling Lies, by Cathi Stoler

How many lies does it take to get away with murder? Magazine Editor Laurel Imperiole is vacationing in Florence, Italy, with Aaron Gerrard, Chief of Detectives of New York City’s 13th Precinct Identity Theft Squad. A chance encounter brings Laurel to a startling realization: she’s just bumped into a dead man: Jeff Sargasso, an art dealer and husband of a close friend who supposedly died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. When he vanished, Sargasso had been brokering the sale of a priceless masterpiece that was lost during World War II to CEO Alfred Hammersmith and billionaire Miayamu Moto. Hammersmith perished along with Sargasso on 9/11, and it is believed that the access codes to the $15 million deposit–ten percent of the asking price–died with them. Could Sargasso have faked his own death to steal the money? The painting’s whereabouts are unknown. Laurel enlists the help of private detective Helen McCorkendale, and together they follow the threads that lead from Florence, Italy, to New York. On the way, the women tangle with Israeli Mossad agent Lior Stern and several stop-at-nothing collectors. All are determined to have the painting for themselves. Ignoring Aaron’s advice, Laurel puts their volatile relationship in jeopardy. As Helen and Laurel search for Sargasso, the painting and the money, they find themselves enmeshed in a sinister skein of lies that could end in death.

Editorial Reviews

“Telling Lies is a gripping, suspenseful read packed with memorable characters and deft twists and turns.”
–Judith Kelman, Freelance Journalist and Author of 16 novels, including Summer of Storms, Winner of the 2002 Mary Higgins Clark Award for Best Suspense
“Telling Lies tosses two feisty and impetuous heroines into a crisp salad of financial scam, Nazi art looting, law enforcement rivalries, and post-911 identity fraud against a glamorous backdrop of Florence and New York, with a MacGuffin that the reader can’t help wishing really existed.”
–Elizabeth Zelvin, two-time Agatha Award finalist
“A fast-paced tale of art, espionage and murder set against the backdrops of Italy and New York, Telling Lies grabbed my attention from page one. With her knack for compelling characters and storylines that are anything but predictable, Cathi Stoler establishes herself as an author to watch.”
–Camille Noe Pagán, author of The Art of Forgetting
“A priceless painting stolen during WWII, a man missing on 9/11, and a love affair gone awry–add up to a thriller not to be missed!”
–Robin Hathaway, Author of Sleight of Hand
“Cathi Stoler brings the jet-setting world of shady high-end art collectors to life with skillful strokes in Telling Lies. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking a trip to Italy when you reach the last page of this satisfying thriller.”
–Peggy Ehrhart, author of the Maxx Maxwell mysteries

About the Author:

Photograph of Cathi StolerCathi Stoler is a native New Yorker who’s devoted much of her life to writing. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, her career path led her from fashion copywriting to the stimulating world of advertising. There, she honed her skills as a Creative Director/Copywriter developing award-winning campaigns for clients such as The New York Times, Folgers’ Coffee, DuPont Lycra, and the Marriott Marquis hotel.

Realizing a life-long dream to write fiction, she wrote “Telling Lies,” her first full-length mystery/suspense novel that takes on the subject of stolen Nazi art. The novel was selected as a finalist in the Brighid’s Fire Books Fiction Contest.

Cathi is also working on several other novels in this series, including, “Keeping Secrets,” which reprises several of her main characters and delves into the subject of hidden identity, and, “The Hard Way,” a story about international diamond trafficking, that takes place in Las Vegas. A stand-alone novel, “Widow’s Walk” is also in the works.

She also has written several short stories. “Out of Luck” and “Fatal Flaw” will be published in 2011.

Cathi is a member of Mystery Writers of America as well as the New York Chapter of Sisters in Crime and posts regularly on the “Women of Mystery” blog.

While fiction, her stories all reflect an element of what’s going today. They take on contemporary issues, which she believes readers can relate to not just as an entertaining read, but also on a personal level.

Cathi Stoler:

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My Review:

I was provided with a PDF e-book of Telling Lies, by Cathi Stoler.  This book is a definite thriller!  It quickly turns into a fast-paced, action-filled thriller with intriguing characters, and a storyline that grabs you, and doesn’t let you go!

The adventurous tale of a mystery, filled with lies, and deception turns out to be quite complex; however, don’t bet on it dragging!  Oh no!  Telling Lies is packed with surprises, right through to the end.  You truly do not know what’s going to happen next.

I really appreciated Stoler commencing each Chapter by advising her readers of the location.  This bit of information kept me grounded, and connected.  Stoler masterfully weaves her complex tale, both complex and intriguing, into a thrilling ride!  A thrilling ride so great, that I couldn’t stop reading until I finally reached the end.  If you enjoy a faced-paced novel, filled with intrigue and twists, I recommend this well written account.


“Are you okay?” Concern crept into Aaron’s voice.
“Did that man I bumped into look familiar to you?”
“No. Not at all.”
“Are you sure?” Laurel stopped in the middle of the street, forcing other pedestrians to move around them.
“I haven’t seen him before.” Aaron answered thoughtfully. “Maybe he works in one of the shops here.” He gestured toward the riverfront street they were on and the crowded Ponte Vecchio Bridge beyond. The area was a tightly packed mix of jewelry, clothing and gift stores, and stalls, and street vendors that was always teeming with people. “Or maybe you noticed him at one of the tourist attractions. Does it matter?”
Laurel ignored his question. Instead, as they continued along the crowded thoroughfare, she frowned and bit her lower lip, mentally recalling the quick glimpse she’d gotten of the man. Well dressed in a fitted navy blue suit. Dark eyes under heavy brows. Black hair worn a bit long. A purposeful stride, shoulders pushed forward as he walked away. “I was wrong,” she murmured more to herself than to Aaron. “He’s not an Italian. He’s an American, even though the few words of Italian he spoke to me were flawless.” She nodded her head as if agreeing with her own assessment.
“Laurel,” Aaron began in a questioning tone, “what difference does it make? He was just some stranger you bumped into.”
“No, he’s not a stranger.” She grabbed his arm as she stopped dead in her tracks. “I know him,” She turned abruptly and started running back through the throngs toward the Uffizi.
“Wait! What are you doing?” Startled by her behavior, Aaron began to follow her, trying to catch up.
“I know him. And he’s been dead for the last eight years,” she tossed over her shoulder as she turned a corner and disappeared from view.
Tribute Books has provided me with a complimentary copy PDF e-book in exchange for my review.  I was not financially compensated in any way.  I am not required to give a positive review.  My opinion is that of my own.

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