Monday Mumblings – September 26, 2011

Hello first cold of the school year.  Not my daughter’s first cold … mine.  Don’t you just love being sick?

I’d like to take this opportune moment, and extend my “thank-yous”  to my partner, and my daughter.  Yes; thank you for going on about the days as if I wasn’t sick at all.  I just love being called to do this or that when I’m in the middle of a deep sleep, with a fever.  Nothing fills my heart more than to feel needed, especially when I am totally drained of all of my energy, and feel like I can’t even get out of bed.  The waves of heat and cold come over me, my ear is completely plugged, my whole body aches, and my throat is sore … that’s ok, none of that is regarded as important when other members of the household need something.  Somehow, I have to muster the strength to get myself out of bed to take care of everyone else’s needs.  When I’m done; well, that’s when I can crawl back into bed.

Know what I’m going through?  Do you feel my pain?

Do all mommies go through this?  I don’t think it’s fair.  Why can’t I be taken care of?  Why can’t I stay in bed?  I’m sure there are many mommies out there that share household duties/roles; however, for those that don’t it can feel a little one-sided.  Mommies need to be ‘mommied’ too.

How do you cope?

On the third day of feeling sick, I was hoping to have it all come to a stop.  No such luck.  Me being sick, or not, doesn’t seem to faze anyone.  While whatever that has come over me has lightened, I still feel the drain, and I still feel the sinus pressure.  I’m just praying that I’ll be back to normal before going to the upcoming social media conferences.


3 thoughts on “Monday Mumblings – September 26, 2011

  1. I feel your pain. However I feel we bring this on ourselves. We do for everyone. Our familys are so use to us taking care of all there needs, I think they forget that we are people too. Good luck my dear, I hope you are feeling better soon.

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