It’s Back To School Preparedness!! … This is what I think …

Yup!  Mommies everywhere are going frantic!  Where’s the “Supplies Required” list?  Is that kid going to need a New Back Pack?  Which lunch bag is cool this year?  Is this binder unique enough?  How much is that?!?!?  Say What?!

Seriously people, ENOUGH!!!

My daughter will be going into grade 8, come September, and has already gone through 4 (or is that 5?) locks!  Wow!!  My goodness!  I remember getting my first lock in grade 7 … it was with me up to, and through, my University years!  I still use my lock today.  You know, on those rare days that I visit a gym.  My daughter has gone through – who know HOW many back packs!!  My back pack, purchased in grade 6, survived all the way up to University as well!  The only reason I purchased a new back pack at University was because I wanted the University’s patch on it!

My, oh my, what is wrong with today’s society?  Why is “Back to School Shopping” such a HUGE thing EVERY year?  Are you trying to tell me that your kid has gone through the 10 packs of lined paper you purchased last year?  What?  The 30 pack of pencils have all disappeared too?!  Come on.  Your child does NOT need a new back pack EVERY year!  He, or she, doesn’t need a NEW binder if their old binder is still intact!

This is what I’ve been trying to portray to my impressionable teen.  Companies (as much as I love them) are very pleased that they have swayed you to believe that a Back To School Shopping Frenzy is what you should be doing right now; and each and every year.  I say that it’s time to stop the insanity!

  1. Go through last year’s supplies, if you haven’t already, and determine what is truly required.
  2. Watch out for the Back-To-School Sales; most importantly, only purchase what is a FAB DEAL … but only if you need it.
  3. Don’t get caught up in all the shopping.  Avoid purchasing items that are on full retail price just because you want to get the entire shopping list completed.  It’s almost certain that more deals will be happening in the upcoming weeks!  In fact, purchasing certain needed items when on clearance (often later in the year) is a great way to save money!
  4. Don’t rule out any “hand-me-downs”.  Last year’s middle school kids will have grown out of licensed Disney gear (for example).  As you purchase “more mature” school items for them, they can hand down their stuff to younger kids!
  5. As an added bonus:  take any items that aren’t required any more and donate them.  Donating “in excess” school items clears space at home for you, and helps others in need as well.
  6. Perhaps you can hold a Neighbourhood Kids School Supplies Swap?

Trust me; what goes around comes around.  So why not purchase extra school supplies (when scooping up all those deals during Back To School Sales) with the intent of donating them?  Your generosity will be appreciated, you’ll feel great, and positive energy would be created … that’s positive energy that gets passed onto others, and will one day be returned to you!  It’s definitely a WIN/WIN situation.

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