Flip Ultra HD Video Camera: Simple & Fun! #imabzzagent

Overall, I think the Flip Ultra HD Video Camera is an outstanding video camera. It provides you with a quality that is much more than I had expected!  The video end result is excellent. It is most definitely worth the price; of course, you are able to find it selling for reduced pricing right now … Cisco is no longer going to manufacture Flip cameras.  I love this video camera! It’s easy to carry around; you can just pull out of your pocket and you’re ready to video. The buttons are easy to use and understand. The pre-loaded FlipShare software is also easy to use.  Did you know that you can directly email or post your video directly from the software program?  You can also create custom movies and greeting cards too!  I like how the picture is never blurry.  An added feature is the ability to freeze the video and create still pictures!  You can get some great still shots that way!  To find more information on Flip Ultra HD Video Camera, or other products, visit their website:  www.theflip.com

I’ve enjoyed using my Flip Ultra HD Video Camera to capture my daughter presenting her “dramatic renditions of various characters”!  What a relief, for me, it’s simple and fun to use.

Disclosure:   I have received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent.

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I’ve signed up to take part in this BzzAgent campaign. I have not been financially compensated in any way.  I have received samples and/or coupons in order to provide my review.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  My opinion is that of my own.

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