UltraHD FlipVideo Camera Update with Review #imabzzagent

UltraHD  FlipVideo Camera Review

By Cisco

The new Ultra HD Flip Camera with 4GB flash comes with FlipShare pre-loaded; it makes editing and sharing your videos easy. Share pictures or videos privately via email or upload directly onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!  FlipShare also ensures that you receive important updates to your video camera.

I love my Ultra HD Flip video camera.  When I first pulled it out of its box, I couldn’t believe just how small it really was!  I was amazed!  Don’t forget that I’m from the time that a video camera was a massive thing … the kind where you would slip a VHS tape into!  I usually try to discover how to work with a gadget without reading the instructions first.  I was amazed to discover that it had a USB plug built right into the camera!!  Yeah, you just push a little button and out it pops!!  So very cool.  I had a harder time trying to figure out how to put the batteries in.  Once I checked the paperwork, I was surprised to discover that you just slide out the front of the camera and that’s where you insert the batteries!  How cool is that!?  Next, I plugged my camera into the USB port and instantly the “new hardware” was detected!  Really easy. 

UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr

The picture is great and the camera is very easy to use. The video camera is nice and compact, so it fits in my purse or even my pocket nicely.  It’s totally dummy-proof, right out of the box (all you do is put in the batteries that come with it)!  It instantly turns on and off, and it fits comfortably in the hand. If you can point and shoot, then you can record with this lightweight camera.   The sound is great, and picks up even the soft background sounds.

It retails for approximately $129.99 so it isn’t expensive at all.  What more can I say?  It really is the ideal little video camera! 

I would definitely recommend this device!  It’s certainly worth the investment.

I probably will invest in the following extras, to make my experience even better: 

Battery Pack 

The Flip Video Ultra Battery Pack allows you to keep your Ultra or UltraHD video camera charged and ready to shoot anytime, anywhere. A convenient, environmentally friendly and longer lasting alternative to disposable AA or AAA batteries, the Battery Pack recharges when your Ultra or UltraHD video camera is connected to your computer’s USB port or to a Flip Video Power Adapter.

$29.99  Flip Video Ultra™ Battery Pack

Power Adapter 

The Flip Video™ Power Adapter helps you keep your Flip camcorder charged and ready to go at all times. The compact adapter plugs into any wall outlet and features a USB port that connects to your camcorder’s USB arm. The Power Adapter is a particularly handy option for travelers.

$29.99  Flip Video Power Adapter

Battery Pack for UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr

  • Not compatible with Mino or MinoHD video cameras. Battery Pack for UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr also works with all Ultra (U1120) and UltraHD (U2120) video cameras.
  • NiMH battery recharges inside your video camera when connected via USB to a computer or a Flip Video Power Adapter
  • Delivers up to 2.5 hours of battery life for your UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr video camera
  • Provides a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to AA batteries
  • Designed with a pull-out tab for ease-of-use
  • Note: Battery pack cannot be recharged outside of the video camera (such as with an external charger)

4.16″ x 2.11″ x 0.88″

4.25″ x 2.19″ x 1.17″

Watch videoGet to know

UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr Browse the Design Gallery

UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr Use Your Own Image

UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr   Use the Pattern Generator

UltraHD 4GB | 1 hr Ultra HD Flip video camera:  White, Blue, or Magenta
 Visit Flip UltraHD to learn more about Flip and other relevant features on site.


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Flip Ultra Video Camera


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