Book Review & Giveaway: How To Shop For Free, by Kathy Spencer


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How to Shop for Free – Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing
by Kathy Spencer, Samantha Rose

Nov 30, 2010
US $14.95
CAN $18.95
UK £8.99
ISBN: 9780738214566
ISBN-10: 0738214566
Published by Perseus Books


Kathy Spencer can whittle a $267.22 grocery bill down to one penny.  How to Shop for Free is Spencer’s smart, sassy, step-by-step savings guide that teaches you how to do just that—and more. You’ll learn how to find the best savings and combine them with store promotions, rewards programs, and store credit to get almost anything for free—from organic produce to makeup, prescription drugs to clothing. With an eye toward cutting your monthly spending on the basics, Spencer guides you through many popular stores—including CVS, Kohl’s, Safeway, Target, and Walgreens—and explains how to maximize your savings. Follow Spencer’s plan and, by the end of the book, you’ll be shopping for free.

Selling Territory:  World

About the Author:

Kathy Spencer’s shopping skills have been featured in the Boston Globe, among other publications. She lives with her family outside of Boston, Massachusetts.Samantha Rose is an Emmy award–winning television writer and the executive producer/owner of YellowSkyMedia. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.


San Francisco Book Review, December 2010
“[Spencer’s] techniques make sense.”, 11/28/10
“[Spencer] lets the reader in on the little-known tricks of the retail world…This book is a treasure of information about store club programs, the ins and outs of eBay, how to avoid consumer scams, and the truths about rebates. This is a shopper’s dream come true.”, 11/27/10“This is a book that everyone needs to own.” 
Tampa Tribune, 12/5/10
“All [Spencer’s] methods are on the up-and-up…A good guide for those new to combining couponing with sales and other incentives.”, 12/3/10
“A great basic introduction to shopping with coupons and bargain shopping in general. It really takes the process step by step…How to Shop for Free will certainly help you reduce your expenses.”, 12/1/10
“Spencer gives us the lowdown on shopping more, paying less. No kidding, this is a serious—nay, scholarly—approach to value shopping; and friends, I am so there.”, 12/9/10
“There is plenty of solid information here and a certain amount of silliness, which is actually a positive thing, as if the authors take their money-saving strategies seriously but not too seriously…[The] highly specific information on loyalty programs, coupon Web sites, manufacturers’ sites and discount plans, prescription-drug savings and more, will be very useful to people who are trying to make their money go further.”, 12/8/10
“Kathy shows you how to get the most deals with the least out of pocket expenses and explains how to combine the various reward cards with sales, rebates, and coupons for the best savings.”
 Boston Herald, 12/10/10
“You’ll save big bucks if you follow the advice in How to Shop for Free.”, 12/19/10
“[An] amazing book.”, 12/15/10
“Kathy explains everything on how to get started by setting your savings goals, getting organized,  and how to match sales with savings…How to Shop for Free is so well organized and thoughtfully written for the newbie…and yet, even the most expert shopper will enjoy this comprehensive how to book.”, 12/28/10
“A helpful guide geared towards smart women who love to get something for nothing…Ground-breaking concepts.”
The Argus Observer, 1/6/11
“Tired of pinching pennies til Abe screams? You might not need pennies at all if you’ve got this book. With an infectious enthusiasm, personal anecdotes, and weigh-ins from fans who’ve saved…How to Shop for Free is an incredible book to have if your pockets are empty…How can you be without a book like this in times like these? You can’t.” 
Organic Family on a Budget (blog), 1/8/11
“Kathy has some excellent shopping tips…This book is incredible. Truly. After you read it, you’ll never pay full price again. For anything…This is one book that’s not going to be collecting dust on my bookshelf.”
Midwest Book Review, January 2011
“A penny saved is a penny earned, and Kathy Spencer knows how to save a lot of pennies…Her wisdom can help readers enjoy their hobby of shopping with a more agreeable price tag of nothing…A powerful and useful resource, enthusiastically recommended.”
Kingman Daily Miner, 1/14/11
“These economic times make it necessary to save wherever you can. This book…can save you considerable dollars!…Highly recommended.”
Deseret News, 1/27/11

“A quick and conversational guide book that is chock full of insight and advice…The step-by-step textbook for shopaholics…There are a ton of good tips and tricks…The book is a great value—especially in helping readers to realize the absurdity of mindlessly spending money and full retail price for consumer goods.”My Review:

I am so happy to say that I’ve been given the opportunity to review How to Shop For Free by Kathy Spencer.  I waited so patiently for my book to arrive, and when it did, I dove right into it!  Considering that I view myself as a savvy shopper, and a coupon Queen, I desperately wanted to learn more ways to save!  I had heard about Kathy Spencer both online and on T.V.; in fact, a couple of years ago she was featured on  ABC’s Good Morning America.  I already use many of her techniques, and I am fully aware that her hot tips are geared to the US citizens; however, I also know that I can always learn more ways to strategically shop!

Learn the Lingo:

For Example, with Rite Aid

SCR= single check rebates  WC= Wellness card  VV= Video Values UPS = Ups rewards that print on your receipt

Also keep in mind:

1 coupon per purchase = one coupon for each one you are buying

1 coupon per customer = one coupon each time you pay you are a customer

1 coupon per transaction = one coupon each time you pay because that is a transaction

View Kathy Spencer’s articles and videos here:…..eries.html…..-shop.html…..encer.html

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t go to the store hungry
  • Stockup, If its free see what the shelf life is and plan ahead accordingly

I love how Kathy Spencer suggests to “Pay it Forward”.  That’s something I’ve always done!  When I find a great deal, I pass it on to everyone I know.  I often get many products, that I don’t even use, for free … I want to get them!  ‘Why, would you?’, you ask?  Easy.  I donate them to: women’s shelter’s, local food banks, and senior centres.  I also give extra product, that I may have, to friends in need.  I’ve always promoted the idea of “Paying it Forward”, and I’m so happy to see someone else support the idea too.  It’s more than obvious that we are required to do some prep work before going shopping … do an online search and look for printable coupons, outlet mall websites also offer printable coupons, and Facebook fans almost always get a heads up on secret sales and coupons before they go public.  I feel like it’s an art; to be able to shop at clearance sales, off-season sales, and outlet malls.  Having the know-how makes it considerably easier.  We are truly blessed in having access to the internet, because there are so many resources today, that were not available 40 years ago!    How To Shop For Free is filled with tips!  I was overwhelmed with the amount of information it offered.  Secretly, throughout my entire read, I was wishing that I was a US resident!  Did you know that you can “double-up” on coupons?!  That’s definitely something that Canadians can not do!  

Everyone can learn a thing or two with How To Shop For Free; however, I HIGHLY recommend that each and every US resident get a copy of this book, and use it!  There is a HUGE amount of money that you can save, you just have to know how!

Guess what????


DaCappo Press has been generous with me, yet again!  I have been offered a copy of How To Shop For Free ….and I get to offer it to one lucky reader of My Bits and Bleeps!!!

While I totally believe that this book is beneficial to all; I also believe that the US resident would benefit the most.  With this in mind, my giveaway will be open to US residents only.

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*Giveaway is open to US residents only , and ends on March 15, 2011 at 8 pm EST.

Good Luck!

* Winner will be contacted via email, and will be required to provide their mailing address so that I may provide it to the sponsor.

*The Sponsor of this giveaway is responsible for the shipping of the prize, and; therefore, My Bits and Bleeps will not be held liable for any potential loss, damage or undelivered status of the prize.
A special thank you goes out to DaCapo Press sponsoring this giveaway!
DaCapo Press has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy in exchange for my review.  I was not financially compensated in any way.  I am not required to give a positive review.  My opinion is that of my own.

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