takeitandgo – what is it? … & save too!

I’ve recently signed up with takeitandgo.  What is that?, you might ask.  Their words might explain it:

“At Take It And Go we strive to make the shopping experience as memorable as possible. Our goal is to make the process simple and the experience painless to all involved. The mission is to have people sign up and pass the word around to what a great deal they got from our site. So the idea is to give the consumer the best possible deal, give local businesses new customers and provide a helping hand to local charities.


Take It And Go!

So go on.

Take It And Go!

Finally spread the word so that others can be benefit from these amazing deals.



For example, today’s deal in Mississauga:

takeitandgo.ca is offering this amazing Deal :$35 for 5 Drop In Yoga Classes to Prana Yoga

Hi Checkout this amazing deal at takeitandgo.ca  https://takeitandgo.ca/TakeIt/Main?dealid=37


Well, takeitandgo has given me a great savings to pass along to you!

Please note:  This code will be not be valid for our free vouchers or our Charity donation deals and will specify in the fine details on the deal page –other than that Enjoy the deals at even a greater discount on top of the usual 50%- 90% off.

Use this code to save $$$$$$$:

VIPTIAG2011  – Enjoy 20 % off all your total purchases – Expires  May 31 2011 – (unlimited use until expiry)


4 thoughts on “takeitandgo – what is it? … & save too!

  1. Hi! This sounds like a nice to thing to get involved with though I’ve never shopped on-line before 😛
    I’m hopping over from the blog hop “GFC click” and following you now through- Subscriptions.
    I’d love for you to visit my new WordPress blog 😀

    Have a great day tomorrow and I look forward to reading more from “My bits and bleeps”.

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