Tuesday Talk – January 18, 2011

Tuesday is here!!!

 It’s unbelievable!  What, you ask?  Everything that has been coming up in the news lately!!!  Zellers being bought out by Target is both: great news, and crazy news!  The weather has been hitting certain areas hard!!  (Australia and Brazil, just to name a couple)

 Even the snow storms in North America have been insane!!!

 To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure what I am scared of more!  I am terrified of ever having to go through any natural disaster!  Could you imagine going through: an earthquake?  a flood?  a twister?  If any natural disaster were to strike right this very second, would you know what to do?  Would you really be prepared?  Would you be able to keep yourself safe?  your kids?

 I’ll be honest; I would probably be the first to vanish!  No, not out of fear!  I’d probably be one of the first casualties!!!  At the first sign of anything horrific, I would freeze.  I would be frozen for a very long time!  If there were any time before I became a casualty, I’d be in FULL PANIC MODE!!!

 As I watch all of the news clips, I am filled with anxiety, and fear.  My heart goes out to all of those families that have been hit by Mother Nature’s reminders.  Earth does NOT belong to us.  We merely borrow it while we can.


Any thoughts?

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