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But Then Again I Could Be Wrong
The Book of Rants

Local Commentary

Gee … I always wanted to write a book. I never thought I would but then again I could be wrong. Here is a collection of some of the past few years rants as broadcast on WDMT 102.3 The Mountain as part of my show Rising at Ten.

Topics include:

  • So the biggest news according to a local newspaper is that there will be beer to drink in Kirby Park during the Fourth of July holiday.
  • It’s a rare motorist in northeast Pennsylvania who hasn’t had an encounter with a deer.
  • Parking lots shouldn’t cause your blood pressure to rise.
  • Sometimes you have to wonder about the thought processes that go on in our rulers’ minds.
  • We knew were in trouble when the two truckloads of huskies passed us.
  • Whoever said that a man’s home is his castle hasn’t been in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania lately.
  • Why is it that some guys insist on calling you nicknames?
  • With all due apologies to the hundreds of restaurants in the area that serve buffets – I can’t stomach it.
  • Although my physique doesn’t show it I have spent much of my adult life in one gym or another.
  • I know more about the guy, sitting across from me at lunch the other day, then I want to.

Call Me Sonya Grey

A Young Girl’s Poems
About Death, Life & Adolescence


This personal collection of poetic verse is at once inspiring and challenging. Beginning with the loss of her mother at age nine, Sonya began collecting her thoughts in 40 poems in a diary from early childhood through her twenties. She describes the daily battles of self-image and self-expression she experienced growing up after the passing of one parent and the estrangement of another. With the death of her mother, Sonya lost a part of everything she had known. Two states away, she finds herself with a different family, school, friends, home and a new name. The verses written during this time are one woman s exploration of her raw, emotional responses to dramatic life changes. This is Sonya’s story.



The Evolution of An Identity

Indian American Immigrants
from the Early 20th Century to the Present
A Fictional Family History


Identity Crisis

They are known as the turbaned tide. Novelist DIYA DAS explores the journey made by Indian immigrants from the subcontinent to America’s shores. Weaving the narrative as historical fiction, the novel focuses on a young girl who uncovers the American roots of her Indian family tree.

The story unfolds in three venues. The protagonist discovers a Californian ancestor, a scholar-turned-farmworker who participated in the 1917-18 Ghadr movement to gain Indian independence from Great Britain. She then follows the voyage of a doctor aunt who immigrated to Chicago in the 1970s and was also a newspaper columnist. Finally, the narrator explores how to merge her Indian and American identities as she attends a Hindu festival in New York City.

The novel is filled with rich cultural details, solid historical references and fitting literary allusions. Diya’s research ended up taking her on a personal journey. The narrator’s odyssey mirrored that of the author. Where facts and imagination did not create a coherent story, Diya employed elements of her own life as a first generation Indian American immigrant.


In Mind


Coming of Age

I want to write / Something that you will believe / Something that’s more than these words

And does she ever. Poet DIYA DAS illuminates six years of adolescence through her introspective verse. Diya’s first artistic musings are young and playful. As her inner landscape develops, themes become more complex as she ponders the contradictory nature of life.

I spend my life on the fence / Between who you think I am and who I always was

Lines like these crystallize the transformation of young girl into mature woman. As Diya begins to shape the foundation of her character, she takes an active role choosing what she will retain from childhood and what she will discard. With each poetic endeavor, her creativity is sharpened through the increased depth of her day-to-day experiences.

I’ll see you tomorrow / And again and again / Sometime in eternity / I don’t know when / But that’s where you’ll find me / When tomorrow comes again

The portrait of Diya as an artist comes into focus as she grasps the transcendent power inherent in the written word. Her teenage self eternally resides in these pages.


A Kinder Bright

Poems of Praise & Remembrance

In this volume, Jerry Fagnani turns to poetry. He has selected poems reflecting the great love that has influenced his life. All of this is most evident in The Elaine Collection. The Lackawanna Collection is a masterful work about the valley and county he embraces. This collection speaks to its rich texture and defines a perspective, often unseen by many, which shows how its seams of beauty infuse our very spirit. Finally, the whole work reveals to us an image of fierce loyalty and passion. Jerry has an unlimited commitment to his family with a love that is admirable.

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